Practical Help

We are so grateful for your physical donations, they keep us open and serving the community and also make our lives easier. We can accept donations at the cafe between 10am-4pm any Monday, Thursday or Friday (same for supermarket deliveries). Please take a quick read of the info below before sending so that your generosity has the biggest impact. 

  • Tupperware – we are always looking for good quality, clean tupperware with matching lids. It will need to be dishwasher safe. Any size is great but we especially need for meals for 1 or 2 people. 
  • Food – we can accept unopened food of all sorts but we are always especially happy to have fresh fruit and vegetables, long life milk, cooking oil, tinned fruit, tinned vegetables, tinned soup, tinned meat, tinned fish and cereal but please check our social media (Facebook, Instagram) for the most up to date list and we probably don’t need any pasta, baked beans or bread as we always have plenty. 
  • Toiletries – we can accept unopened donations of toiletries of all kinds, please see the most recent wish list on our social media for the most up to date needs but soap, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper and sensitive baby wipes are always useful. 
  • Clothes – we do not accept donations of clothes, we suggest contacting the nearby Grand Mosque ( who have a clothing bank every week. 
  • Furniture/toys/other household items – we do not accept donations of these items, please take to a good local charity shop.

Rainbow love from us all.

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