Protect. Restore. Fund.

Here is a video by the amazing Greta Thunberg and the pretty amazing George Monbiot!

Unity Day 3rd August 2019

A fabulous time at Hyde Park Unity Day on the Rainbow Junktion stall. A BIG THANK YOU to the volunteers for cooking and serving with us. Also incredibly emotional about winning a community recognition award. And we made £400 to put towards the cafe so thank you all.

Nearly Famous

Rainbow Junktion is going to be on telly!

Born Famous is a series about celebrities’ children visiting the neighbourhoods where their parents grew up. And so, last summer, Scary Spice Mel B’s daughter Phoenix spent a week in Hyde Park- wandering the streets, meeting locals, volunteering at Rainbow Junktion and Coffee on the Crescent, having fun at Unity Day, etc etc.

The first episode is tonight, Monday 5th August on Channel 4 at 10pm. Phoenix’s episode is on Monday 12 August at 10pm on Channel 4. Should be fun- here’s the trailer:

“The breakfast cafe where customers don’t have to pay”

A really interesting article about some of the “Pay what you like …. if you like” or Pay As You Feel (PAYF) cafes that are around the country now.

It is sad that we have so much food waste that needs dealing with and that we have so much food poverty as well. When are we going grasp the fact that there is more than enough to go round, we just need to share and not waste!