Cleaning closure

We need some time to prepare for winter and clean our kitchen so will be closed on the next 3 Fridays, we are open Monday and Thursday as usual. Please plan accordingly and thanks in advance for your understanding.

Latest News 5 June 2020

What we are doing at the moment 

  • Serving takeaway food Monday and Thursday lunchtimes between 12pm-3pm.
  • We also have a shop with fresh food and other essentials (toiletries and cleaning products mostly) for people to take home Monday, Thursday and Friday 12pm-3pm
  • We are acting as a food hub for the Headingley and Hyde Park and Woodhouse and Little London wards which means handing out the food parcels put together by the council these are collected by specific LCC volunteers. 
  • We are also delivering takeaways and groceries to a small number of families and households who are self isolating and in financial need.

How many people are we supporting

  • The last couple of weeks have been giving out about 170 council food parcels a week and this number seems to have steadied.  
  • We are now sending out an average of 250 ‘plates’ of food per day, this is almost double what we were doing as a cafe previously. Obviously some days are busier than others and numbers on this also seem to have steadied a little.  
  • We are regularly taking deliveries of takeaways and shopping to several families/households, this is quite variable but we are supporting around 30 per people a week this way. 
  • We are also supporting one homeless food distribution per week.
  • We are now also giving out specific ‘culturally appropriate’ food parcels to the BAME community for which we are taking referrals this week we supported 49 people in this way. We are also working with Leeds African Communities Network to give them any extra food that we can. 


  • We have lost a lot of our income including a drop in daily donations, no outside catering gigs, no bistro fundraisers and not being able to run the Leeds Half Marathon 🙁 But we have received some funding from Leeds Community Foundation and the council and feel confident we can continue operating like this for the foreseeable future. 
  • Many kind people have stepped up to make one off donations and set up standing orders so big thanks if you are one of those people. 
  • If you know people who want to donate then please give them info below 🙂
  • One off donations – these are best done through our ‘Give a Little’ – 
  • Regular donations – these are best made as bank transfers/standing orders and then notify us with a gift aid form, all of which can be found on the donate page of our website here 

Food supplies

  • We are working with other food waste organisations like Food Revival, TRJFP, Fareshare and Neighbourly to collect waste food but this has been a bit sporadic. 
  • We are lucky to be also supported with lots of waste food from The Headingley Greengrocer and The Organic Pantry and donations from Cook.
  • We are still accepting donations of food, toiletries essential household products (toilet roll, washing up liquid, washing powder, disinfectant, shampoo etc) and tupperware. You can drop these off at the cafe between 9.30 and 3pm on Monday and Thursday and 11am and 3pm on Fridays. 
  • Most needed food at the moment is fresh fruit and vegetables.

Safety provisions for staff and volunteers

  • We are now serving everything from the front door so only volunteers can enter the church.
  • We would like to remind you that if they have any symptoms or reason to believe they you come into contact with someone with Covid 19 to please stay home for 14 days and follow health experts advice. 
  • When we arrive we are propping open all doors to reduce contamination possibilities as well as sanitising all surfaces and things that get touched (light switches, taps, fridge doors etc).
  • We are now asking all volunteers to wear masks (provided to us by Hyde Park Source) at all times. Gloves are optional (we have plenty though) but must be washed as regularly as hands would be (all the time!) 
  • We are trying to spread out as much as possible and follow social distancing rules whilst in the cafe. 
  • We are trying to be strict with social distancing at the door of the cafe, and now have a two queue system to try and move things along a bit quicker. 

Other things

  • We are now arranging for volunteer musicians to play for the queue (to reduce stress at waiting times) this week we have had 3 different acts and we are looking for more, if you are a bored musician who is interested in volunteering in this way on an upcoming Monday, Thursday or Friday during opening hours then please get in touch.
  • We are now not allowing parking at the cafe on Monday, Thursday and Friday (except for deliveries) so if you come to volunteer in your car then please park on the road. 
  • We are adding online events to our facebook page that may be of interest to customers or volunteers, if you have any events you would like publicised then please message Rainbow Junktion directly on facebook with the event. 


  • The last few weeks we have got into a great rhythm with the new way of doing things and we are really proud of the work we are doing.
  • Massive thank you to the volunteers who have kept us open and serving the community!

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