Unity Day 3rd August 2019

A fabulous time at Hyde Park Unity Day on the Rainbow Junktion stall. A BIG THANK YOU to the volunteers for cooking and serving with us. Also incredibly emotional about winning a community recognition award. And we made £400 to put towards the cafe so thank you all.

“The breakfast cafe where customers don’t have to pay”

A really interesting article about some of the “Pay what you like …. if you like” or Pay As You Feel (PAYF) cafes that are around the country now.


It is sad that we have so much food waste that needs dealing with and that we have so much food poverty as well. When are we going grasp the fact that there is more than enough to go round, we just need to share and not waste!

Calais Collection

There are still almost 1000 people sleeping rough in Calais since the destruction of informal refugee camp ‘The Jungle’.

I will be taking the donations to Help Refugees, an amazing charity I worked with when I was in Calais. Their urgent needs list is quite specific and I will aim to only take items from it (list below and photo attached) as they do not have enough volunteers to sort unneeded donations. If people have any of these things that they no longer need and that are in clean and in good condition then please bring them to us. If you don’t have any of these items but do have some cash then why not take a look around the local charity shops to get them 🙂
Urgent needs:
• Walking boots (sizes 40-43)
• Practical warm jackets and waterproofs
• Thermal leggings
• Tents and tarpaulins
• Sleeping bags and blankets
• Rain ponchos

Rainbow Junktion cafe will be a donation drop off point during opening hours (11am-3pm Monday, Thursday and Friday) until the8th February.

The rest of the list can be found here

Rainbow Van

Rainbow Junktion cafe uses intercepted waste food to serve lunch every Monday, Thursday and Friday to anyone that walks through the door. We are trying to fight food poverty with food waste and we really need a vehicle to carry out this mission!

In order to pick up the food from various places around Leeds (TRJFP in Pudsey, Waitrose in Meanwood, several Tesco branches around the city, RK Harris in Headingley to name a few) and keep us open for the community we need a good working van specifically for the cafe. We are hoping to source one for £2000 and really need your help.

Everything at the cafe is pay-as-you-feel but many of our customers are vulnerable, homeless, socially isolated or in financial difficulties and so are not able to contribute much. The café not only provides nutritious food but helps to build a sense of community and provides a safe warm space for people to come, get advice or use the wifi/charging facilities. We have no other source of steady income so a big expense like a van is not really possible without you!

If you would like to donate then pop along to https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/rainbowvan and do please share this link far and wide!

A Poem

A lovely poem by one of our new cafe regulars, Ramona.Rainbow Junktion Cafe Poem sm