“The breakfast cafe where customers don’t have to pay”

A really interesting article about some of the “Pay what you like …. if you like” or Pay As You Feel (PAYF) cafes that are around the country now.


It is sad that we have so much food waste that needs dealing with and that we have so much food poverty as well. When are we going grasp the fact that there is more than enough to go round, we just need to share and not waste!

Compost to Compost

This evening we took delivery of a fantastic Ridan food composter which we are going to use to compost all the wasted and left over food from the cafe.

A huge thank you to Mark Warner (centre) for making our dreams come true, and to Richard and Heston for helping to unload and install the composter. Mark runs Plate2Plate Compost – he collects food waste from his local community, composts it and sells it locally which helps to reduce the amount of waste that is transported around. It also raises awareness of how much we do waste and the real cost, or benefit, of this waste.

Some of the compost will go to Mark as payment for transporting the composter for us and some of it will be used for growing plants in the church garden.